"I can't recommend Elizabeth Law enough. Her whip-smart editorial insight is invaluable, and she's also incredibly plugged in to the issues concerning our ever-evolving industry, and social-media savvy to boot. In short, she's the total package."--Micol Ostow, author of Amity

Help! I need to go on Twitter, I don't have a tumblr, and I can't figure out what pinterest is.

Is everyone telling you to "build your social media presence?" Have you heard that editors or literary agents Google you to see how big your platform is? Do you know you need to start tweeting, but have no idea how?

Social media can help bring attention, and fans, to your work when you figure out the right way for you to use it.  I will work with you to learn the basics, if you need them, and send you my handy sheet of terms, definitions, and how to's.  And we'll figure out an effective strategy to get you started or build your presence based on whether you have 20 minutes a day to spend or only 10 minutes a week.  Because using social media "right" is about doing what works for you.